Rick Bowman

Rick Bowman, Certified Trainer

Certified Trainer: Collaborative Problem Solving

Rick holds a M.A. in Clinical Psychology and is a Certified Trainer in Collaborative Problem Solving (Think:Kids, Boston Mass General Hospital) and a K-12 licensed school administrator in the state of Oregon.  He brings a broad background that includes leadership positions in the United States military, business, mental health and education. 

Rick has functioned as a clinical consultant for mental health clinics and human service agencies, as well as large companies/organizations such as the National Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Alyeska Pipeline Corporation (made up of companies such as Exxon-Mobile and British Petroleum).  Rick has also provided teaching and consultation internationally in countries such as Russia, Cuba, and Jamaica.

Rick has been employed in positions such as Clinical Psychologist, Program Director, Community College Professor, Assistant Principal, Alternative School Director, Student Services Director, and Assistant Executive Director of a non-profit organization providing educational services to students with the most severe behavioral and emotional challenges. 

Doris Bowman

Doris Bowman, Certified Trainer

Certified Trainer: Collaborative Problem Solving

Doris holds a M.S. in Education/Special Education, is a Certified Trainer in Collaborative Problem Solving (Think:Kids, Boston Mass General Hospital), a pre-K – 12 licensed school administrator, and a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. She’s taught, trained, coached and volunteered with organizations in Cuba, Jamaica and Guatemala. Doris spent a decade as a private business owner of a commercial fishing business in Alaska, and has since run programs for children and youth with chronic significantly challenging behavior, as well as those with a variety of mental health diagnoses.

Doris currently works as a Behavior Consultant, Trainer and Coach in the areas of CPS, Behavior Intervention, and Trauma Sensitive Schools. In addition to taking the model of CPS into organizations that serve children and youth, Doris is interested in seeing corporations and agencies benefit from it’s use in collegial and managerial interactions. She’s interested in promoting it’s integration with Appreciative Inquiry model for organizational change to transform systems in ways that exceed traditional expectations and generate unprecedented results.

A recent accomplishment for Doris was to co-author the second in a series of children’s books with her daughter, Maritsa, entitled Going to School is Easy Now, which followed the first in the series, Going to Bed is Easy Now, available in English and Spanish. The EASY NOW Series™ is designed to meet the needs of typically developing children, as well as those with ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities. Future books in the Easy Now Series™ will address tangible challenges such as Sharing with Friends is Easy Now, and not-so-tangible challenges such as Solving Problems is Easy Now and Changing Plans is Easy Now.  (www.easynowbooks.com)

Kristen Marie Pankratz

Kristen Marie Pankratz, Grant Writer

Grant Writer

Kristen Marie Pankratz writes grant proposals and performs outreach for HBCC. She has a Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Southern California. In 1995, she earned her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal State Long Beach. She taught regular education, special education, and worked in a substance abuse program for adolescents. She also advises and trains police officers who are learning about Crisis Intervention Training at Golden West College. 

She was recently appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors to the County of Orange, Health Care Agency, Mental Health Board. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Depression &  Bipolar Support Alliance – Orange County. Other volunteer work includes the Justice and Peace Ministry at St. Bonaventure Catholic Parish and the County of Orange, Health Care Agency Spirituality Committee. She participates on the CalOptima Community Forum Advisory Committee. She has been married for 18 years and lives in Huntington Beach.