Denise (parent)

 I took the HBCC class 4 years ago.  Our son is excited and is looking forward to exploring choir or band electives in 7th grade. This is a miracle when I think about the anguish of the younger years. You brought the sanity to me in your workshops and new ideas in your emails and Facebook page postings over the years. I am so grateful to you for all your work and input. You have touched our lives in such a positive way and have helped me to save my family. THANK YOU!

Kathleen McFarlin, M.A.Ed., Director of Programs

 So many great testimonials about how Collaborative Problem Solving touches families!!  Thanks so much for making this course happen. 

Jared Baar, Director Rainbow Rising Meadow Park

 There are numerous staff coming to me saying things like "I can't believe what we learned that day actually works." or "I was hesitant at first to give so much time for the child to respond but now I realize how awesome it is to give them time to process".  

Diana (parent)

 I wanted to write and tell you about the impact of the parenting classes you taught.  First of all, thank you for the scholarship. enough for I had waited over a year because of financial burden and still would be waiting had it not been for your grace!  I thought I was literally going crazy before taking your class.  I had tried other parenting techniques, including Love and Logic, and tons of other books I had read.  This all ended in the same result of failure to see very little progress. Since taking your classes, you have equipped me with information that has helped our entire family. During the time I started taking your classes, not only has it helped my teenage daughter and our relationship, you also gave me the tools to get through to my, now 23-year-old step-son.  I've finally been able to reach him  In closing, the kids and myself wouldn't have progressed to the stage we are now, without the classes you taught.  Thank you is an understatement for teaching these classes.  I cannot imagine where our family would be right now, had I not met you.  You have impacted our lives and those around us for the better, forever! 

Dr. Kenneth, M.D.

 Having children is a blessing, having a challenged child is a challenge! My wife and I took the course on Helping the Behaviorally Challenging Child and it completely changed our attitude. Our son has been through years of therapy including OT, PT, speech, social skills, neurofeedback and psychotherapy. He has been on several different medications with minimal benefit. Transitions, decisions, social interactions and family activities were torture due to his lack of understanding event planning. After taking this course we recognized that discipline, demanding and scheduling our son was not an effective way to deal with his behavior issues. We have learned to control our emotions and our son's ability to transition, making family activities pleasurable. With less yelling we have a more pleasant household, a happier child and we are better parents. 

Director, Early Childhood Development Center, San Juan Capistrano, CA

 Debra Ann ....Wonderful feedback from the teachers!  Thank you for a worthwhile morning.  Our teachers are grounded in what I call the "Guidance Approach" and the fact that Collaborative Problem Solving is a "universal" approach, it fits right in with our program.  Because this is not just for the children needing the behavioral interventions, it's concrete and we can continue to say that we are well trained to address behavior issues in a pro-active way and guide students to help build skills.  We're having great results with it and the parents like it, too.  

Rene (parent)

I wanted to let you know we are proceeding with plan B and my son is opening up more and more every time we talk.  I want to thank you for this information, it will truly works.  I have already seen positive improvement and we haven’t even finished one problem.  You are a great instructor and it helped me grasp this so much better with all your life experiences.   I wanted to thank you for sharing your time and knowledge, it was greatly appreciated. 

Katie (parent)

 Collaborative Problem Solving gave me the confidence and tools to address my daughter’s behaviors while modifying my own as well.  I highly recommend Collaborative Problem Solving to anyone that is having challenging issues with their child.  It’s an incredibly empowering experience, and I am so grateful! 

Director, Preschool, Irvine, CA

 Debra Ann - I love how you advocate for children.  I have shared much of the information that I was exposed to during the In-Service Presentation you provided our staff, administration and teachers.  All invaluable.  

Ocean View School District Teacher

 Implementing this has helped me understand what's getting in the way for those students who try so hard and sometimes fail,  yet sometimes achieve.  Now I can better help them.  This has changed my approach! 

Take Care, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

 The families that you refer have the most wonderful things to say about you and I wanted to let you know.  They said that you were very knowledgeable and caring.  You were very supportive and encouraging :) 

Pari (parent)

 I really appreciate your passion, caring, and support for families you work with. Keep up the good job!. You are a very knowledgeable instructor. My family and I are blessed to get to know you.  Blessings to you and yours